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I'm Annabel,  I'm a professional photographer, drone pilot, and content creator based in Miami. For the past 6-7 years, I have worked closely with brands to strategically plan and develop creative campaigns, curate trending content, and elevate brand messaging with compelling imagery across all media platforms. 


Brand Partnerships


I'm your quintessential libra and a coffee connoisseur with a love for all things travel, tech, and photography.  I graduated college with a degree in accounting as well as a degree in supervision and management. I learned photography back in high school, where I practically lived in the darkroom processing my film. Today, I manage some of the best clients ever, helping them create memorable experiences through scroll-stopping images and videos that inspire people to take action.

Let's Work Together! 

As a seasoned social strategist and content creator with skills in photography, content curation, and drone videography my goal is to help you elevate your brand across all media platforms. I will share your story through memorable experiences, beautiful imagery, and content that inspires your audience to take action. Here are some of the services that I offer: 

Social Content 
Blog Posts 
Press Trips 
Drone Videography

Ready to Connect? 

Send me an email with all the details.  

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