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How To Prepare for Your Next Photoshoot with these 7 Tips + Free Checklist.


What is the goal of this photoshoot?

Is it for branding, fashion, lifestyle? Whatever it is, search for Inspiration on Pinterest, Google, Instagram or stalk your favorite role models and see what kind of content they are creating for their websites, socials, etc. When you are putting these images together, think about the message that you want to express with each photo and if it makes sense with your vision?

Save images that INSPIRE you in your photo album, on a corkboard or google doc. This makes things easier for you to share your ideas with your photographer!

Find the right PHOTOGRAPHER!

Yes. There are millions of photographers out there, but which one is the one for YOU. It’s key to find someone you enjoy working with and provides you with the quality content you deserve!

You can work with the best photographer in the world, but do they make you feel comfortable? Are they taking your vision into consideration and working with you to make it a reality? Are they on time, deliver images, share ideas?

Do a little RESEARCH and ask friends or online peers for their recommendations and find out if they know of any local photographers that fit your budget and have the style of capturing beauty similar to what you are looking for in your images. You can also find photographers on social media by searching your local hashtags (Ex. #Miamiphotographers #PhotographersinMiami #lifestylephotographer #brandingphotographer #fashionphotographer)


It’s important to have good communication about what you want from the very beginning with your photographer!

Here are a few topics to review when you are planning out your photoshoot:

+ Purpose and Goal of Session

+ How many minimum Final Images?

+ Estimated delivery date of final images?

+ Do you get to choose final images?

+ Location (s) (any additional fees?)

+ The total number of outfit changes?

+ Photo Rights and Credits?

+ Are the photos high resolution and available for digital/print materials?

+ Have you read the terms and conditions of the photographer?

+ What kind of style of editing? Light Retouching? Color Correction?

If you have any other questions that you would add to this list, please add them below in the comment section! I would love to hear what other questions you might have!


Depending on what kind of content you want to create with your photographer, make sure to ask them for location suggestions! Some photographers offer location scouting services and may have a good match for your vision; they may even have prior images for you to view if you aren’t’ familiar with locations for your next shoot!

Regardless you can always run a google search or lookup locations on Instagram using hashtags as well (Ex. #SouthbeachMiami #MiamiDesignDistrict #Wynwoodwalls)

For a smooth and efficient shoot, especially if you are taking more than one outfit to change into, make sure to know what you are going to wear, how you are going to pose for each image at each location!

If it’s a rainy season, make sure to have a back up indoor location in case it rains so that you don’t have to cancel, reschedule, or run out of time searching for a new location last minute!


When you are scheduling your next shoot, based on availability, make sure to ask your photographer about the best times for natural lighting! You want to make sure that the weather is perfect for the day of your shoot!

You also don’t want to stand outside in the hot hot sun letting your makeup melt off your face while you struggle to change clothes in the humidity with a bad attitude because you didn’t schedule the best time to shoot. Yikes.

Make sure to arrive 5-10 minutes earlier to your shoot to find parking and gather your items to make the most out of the time with your photographer!

Pack your items the night before so that you aren’t running around like a chicken the morning of your very important session.


Some photographer’s guide you, some don’t. Let’s not take any chances!

Take some time to stand in front of a mirror, practice, and nail 8-10 poses that you can do for each outfit change throughout your shoot! You can also see my 8 Posing Tips for your Next Photoshoot!

On the day of the shoot, don’t be shy to communicate with your photographer what you think is your best angle! If you are nervous or shy about the outcome of the images, ask your photographer if you can do a few test shots to get comfortable in front of the camera, and then ask them if you can see a few of your images in between shots so that you can adjust yourself!

Don’t forget to consider what you will be using each image for! If the image is for your site or a promotional page, you might want to stand more towards the right or left or even right in the middle. Make sure to let your photographer know the reason you need to be on either side, so they capture the image the right way!


You might just need to bring an assistant, family or friend the day of your shoot, so you aren’t running around like a one-man band orchestrating your whole session while your nerves are spiking! Don’t forget to make a checklist of the props you need to bring for each outfit! For a faster more organized method of shooting, consider labeling each prop with the outfit you will need it for, so the day of the shoot all you have to do is “grab and go”!


Take a look at your FACE, HANDS, HAIR, CLOTHES.


Do not pop that pimple!! If your photo shoot date is around the corner, it’s better to leave your beautiful face as is, and ask the photographer if they are able to do any cosmetic edits you are unhappy about and if there is an additional cost for this?

You may also want to consider whitening your teeth with whitening strips or visiting your dentist for that cleaning you should be doing yearly!

On the day of your shoot, if you don’t have a makeup artist, wear light, natural makeup.

If your eyebrows need to be plucked or facial hairs need to be removed, try to have everything done the day before so that you aren’t racing to get these tasks done the same day of the shoot.


Neon is in… but not for EVERYTHING… in my opinion anyways. Make sure to take a look at your nails and clean them up so that they match with your outfits or theme of the shoot!


Avoid having greasy hair or flyaways! Make sure to wash, dry and style your hair the night before or many hours before your session.

Schedule your hair appointment ahead of time to avoid not getting an appointment before your photoshoot.

On the day of the shoot, you may want to consider having a small bag with hairpins, hair spray, extra scrunchies, and a brush!


I like to advise my clients to separate their outfits based on the order of locations or areas that we will be shooting the day of our session for a better outcome and less stressful shoot. Try to label your outfits ( Ex. Outfit #1 in front of Pink Wall ) with index cards and tape or a really sticky note.

I also advise trying to separate and label your hair accessories or jewelry or purses for each outfit in a ziplock bag or other form of storage, so that nothing gets lost and you don’t have to waste time thinking about your next look! Again “grab and go”!


After the photoshoot, make sure to follow up with your photographer about when you should be receiving the proofs to make your final selection or when you should be receiving the final images so that you can plan out your content ahead of time!

To make your next shoot easier for YOU, I’ve created a quick checklist to help you plan it out, and you can grab that download, here.

If you need any help planning your next shoot, make sure to contact me at!

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