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8 Instagram Story Editing Apps to Create Killer Content2019

True Story: I sent a direct message to someone on Instagram (a social media platform) and asked them how they designed such a creative story… and their response, took me by surprise.

“Idk. Look up your own apps.”

I mean first of all there is no reason for such a response and SECONDLY, why are people so scared to share their knowledge? So I thought to myself.

I don’t understand why people, especially on social media, are so competitive and secretive with their programs and apps. If you’ve ever experienced anything like this, I’d love to hear about it in the comments.

Anyways, I kindly replied with a “Thank you.” and went on to search google and youtube for the apps and guess what? I did’t just find one, but I found 8 amazing story apps that I would love to share with all of you!

Check it out and tell me which one is your favorite in the comments below! - Enjoy.


Spark Post is great because it has a seasonal section for you to keep up with what is trending in a way. This is how I create most of my quiz templates and blog post notifications.

When you “Remix” any template it does show the Spark Post Logo. But don’t freak out just yet. Tap on it and it does show a price of $9.99/mos. but just click the bottom option “ Remove logo on this project” and it should disappear.


I heard Canva is what people use to make their highlight icons for Instagram. That’s a plus!

With Canva, you can create more than just stories, This app even has Resume and Business Card Templates.

I’m not crazy about Canva, the designs are very simple, but they are somewhat different and easy to create. I guess this would be ideal if you are on the go!


This one is new to me. I haven’t really tested it out because mostly all of the story series are each $1 to $3 and believe it or not it adds up! Here’s a sneak peak.


Unfold is no secret to anyone. I think. Everyone loves this app. I do enjoy the old film templates, but you can find these on other apps like Design lab and over for FREE!

What I hate about Unfold is that you have to pay for every new series of designs that come out when you can honestly create them on any other app. For you impulsive buyers, I suggest checking out all of the other ones on this list, to save ya some pennies.


Over is also on my stories! I always share 3 of my favorite apps on my stories and then the rest of the juicy ones here on the blog!

When I have a creative block, I like to use over. They update their templates often, which is awesome for those of you who like to keep things different and unique.

There’s also layers on this app. Layers make it easier for you to just move, resize, edit one item with out moving any of the other items out of place by mistake.

It also allows you to add videos into the templates.


This one you may have seen on my #TipTuesday Highlights @Mediabyanna on Instagram.

The great thing about this app is that you can cut out images just as you would for a collage, this is great for Vision/mood boards!

I actually use this one to share my vision with my photography clients.

I created these stories for Valentine’s Day.


I love Design Lab just for the fact that you can create Gradient fonts and backgrounds!

They also have a variety of different graphics, and shapes with the option to alter or make it 3D. This app also offers layer options.

So far everything I have used on this app is completely free.


I love Story Luxe because of the interactive quiz templates.This is a cool way to get your audience to tag you on templates so that you can learn more about each individual that uses it! The free story designs, that you can use to insert your images are very much like the ones currently on Unfold. Unfortunately, the better designs do come at a cost.

However they do offer a few different ones for $2.99usd/mos. with unlimited access to all templates, filters and everything is updated weekly. Here are my favorites.

So there you have it friends!

There is NO REASON, not to share your knowledge. There are over a million different designs for your stories! You can still use these same apps and still be your unique self. It's all about owning your own style.

It’s ok to help others grow while you are also growing.

A lot of these apps have several similarities, try them and let me know which one is your favorite in the comments below! Or if you have any others that were not listed here, please share with us!

P.S. These are not in any specific order. None of these are sponsored and I am just sharing my opinion. Can’t wait to read your feedback.

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